The String Academy of Southern MN

Exceptional Faculty. Outstanding Students.

String Academy closing June 30

Thank You

After 8 great years, I have made the decision to close the String Academy of So MN at the end of June 2019. I have been teaching cello in Owatonna since 1993, and have enjoyed these past 26 years, but it is time to step back.

What a wonderful and talented group of teachers we have had over these past 8 years; MaryKay Bougie, Evan Shallcross, Mikaela Gansen, Thore Dosdall, Jon Colton, Crista Bollmann, Connie Martin, Katie Andersen, Stan Felix, Elinor Niemisto, Natalie Filipovich, Chloe Moriarty, Abigail Hansen, Autumn Zander, Rachel Ulrich, and Grace McClintock. Thank you for your time and talents!

I want to thank the community for their continued support of the arts and music. Having the skills to sit down and play an instrument or sing your favorite song are life long.

Thanks to the parents who made the effort to bring their musician for lessons every week. We had students walking over for lessons from the high school and Washington Elementary and driving from as far away as Iowa, Apple Valley, and Mankato.

My goal was to open up the arts to students of any age and level of ability and we did that. Our youngest student was just 2 years old and the oldest was in retirement (I won’t post her age).

Thanks to my family for their support and encouragement these past 8 years. It takes a lot of time and energy to manage a studio and it was certainly a team effort.

Keep your bows full of rosin and remember what Dr Suzuki said… “Practice only on the days that you eat.”


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